Monday, 19 September 2011

My Communal Wardrobe

I love having friends that I can lend clothes to and borrow clothes from. I see it as doubling up each other’s wardrobes without the possibility of facing bankruptcy. My parents have expressed their disapproval of the communal wardrobe situation, wondering why I feel the need to borrow someone else’s clothes when I have a whole wardrobe of my own. I am usually running around the house half naked in the middle of a fashion crisis when such nagging occurs, and I’m afraid their worries go in one ear and out the other.

When I hang a freshly washed or newly bought item of clothing in my wardrobe I have an immense feeling of satisfaction. Each new item represents one less fashion crisis, and each washed item symbolises one less morning root around in the laundry basket. Rehanging clothes that I lent to a friend days, weeks and sometimes months earlier is an equally fabulous feeling, particularly when I haven’t seen them for so long that I forgot they even existed.

Certain things can crush the lovely feeling of regaining a full wardrobe. Be warned, there are a number of hazards that come with lending your clothes to your friends. My number one pet peeve is when my clothes come back unwashed. Body odour is not my favourite scent of choice people! And the next time I go to put on my favourite dress, I do not want to see a whopping great vodka and raspberry stain across the front. I mean, I like the drink but that doesn’t mean I want to wear it.


  1. The bad thing is when you have had an argument with a friend and don't speak to them for a while and they have your favourite top! Or you both forget about your friend borrowing something off you and then a year later try and find your shoes and vaguely remember giving them to someone. Your friend doesn't remember and you get a text a month later saying that they have found some shoes and are they yours! I'm very stingy with my clothes and barely let anyone borrow mine,especially my shoes!!

  2. I totally know what you mean! And it's annoying that by the time you get them back sometimes they've gone out of fashion haha. Totally agree about not sharing shoes though, they're so easy to ruin :(

  3. Love it! :)